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Laurie K. Sanders - Personal Bio

Laurie has a passion for reaching out to people experiencing, or who have experienced, extraordinary adversity and tragedy. Her mission is to mentor and encourage people to seek God and to not turn have hope even within the worst circumstances in life. 

Laurie has traveled a road of tremendous adversity, including: the death of her husband, the death of her six year old son, suicide, mental illness, huge financial losses, alcoholism, and domestic abuse.

She was in banking and finance for some 20 years, including 10 years as a banker in London.

She is now a writer, speaker and consultant. She is working on her Master's in Christian Ministry at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband Tom and her daughter Charlotte.

The Book: The List

The List is a book about Laurie's journey through extraordinary adversity and suffering, yet finding the gifts within and finding hope and answers. Readers will be inspired to find answers, for their own journeys. 

Speaking Topics

  • The List  (based on the book) - How to take all the entries on your list of "bad stuff" and find meaning and purpose in it, and turn the entries around for good
    • Talk
    • Workshop
  • Gifts Found in Adversity - Don't go through adversity without discovering the gifts to be found
  • Finding God in the Midst of your Pain and Suffering  When you are experiencing overwhelming adversity, God is right Him
  • "I Cried Because I Didn't Have Shoes Until I Met Someone Who Didn't Have Feet" - How to take your pain and redirect it and, in doing so, start to heal.
  • Broken Teacups - Revitalizing your Women's Ministry and reaching more women
  • The Art of Relationships - Creating powerful developmental relationships to care for others in difficult times

The List: Experiencing God in Extraordinary Adversity


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